About us

We are your external resource; we analyse, understand and integrate your specific requirements, working with you to achieve profitable results.


Our in-depth knowledge of the French and worldwide markets, provided by our network of partners in France and abroad, allows us to bring you a global service, whether your development targets are local or multinational.


Looking for the best data to enter a new market, coordinating and setting up your data strategy and adapt it to local peculiarities ? Euroleads brings you a different approach of Data Marketing, in France and internationally. We have the optimal skills levels in all the essential areas that will make your projects successful.

Why trust us?


We are in independent company and this independence means that our work for you will be completely impartial.

Data quality

Because we do not create our own datasets, or host other peoples, you can be confident that we will always recommend the best quality data to match your targeting objectives. Whether it is for direct marketing or for KYC / KYB processes. (Know your Customer / Know your Business), for us quality always comes first.

International teams

Our international expertise, refined over 40 years, is based on a team of collaborators and partners established in multiple countries. This allows us to closely monitor developments in all aspects of data markets around the world.